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Parent Coach

I work with parents struggling with their little children, overwhelmed by parenting in this modern day. My approach is to lead you to explore your triggers, understand your children’s needs and learn to be intentional in your responses to create positive, healthy relationships.

With my consultations, group workshops and 1: 1 coaching programs, I help busy parents find their inner power to break out of generational patterns and find their path to empowered & peaceful parenting.

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I’ve been a working mom of two little children in a demanding full-time job. I was trying to balance climbing the corporate ladder, dealing with a toddler while pregnant, and managing a complicated pregnancy.


I was playing catch-up all the time, running on autopilot, trying to stay afloat. Then, right after the little one was born, we moved to another country, things only got more complicated, and I was drowning.


That’s when I sought help in every possible form. That’s when I started working on myself, learning, and healing—taking charge, leading my life, relationships, career, and parenting with intention.

My path led me to Coaching, Mindfulness and Conscious Parenting.

With coaching, I want to enable parents to be more intentional. To take a moment to reset and restart. To parent from a place of compassion and choice, stop letting their own triggers and trauma negatively impact their relationship with parenting and with their kids. I want to have a positive ripple effect by helping parents positively impact their kids, family, friends and community.

I help shift where they feel stuck or lost, guide them to connect with their authentic self and move forward from intent to action.

I also guide couples to create a conscious relationship dynamic with a common vision. This approach will positively impact the family, build a stronger alliance to create positive relationships.

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My name is Pascale, I am a mother of 2 little kids. My career started 16 years ago in graphics and multimedia. I developed my skills and transitioned between Entrepreneurship, NGOs and Corporate roles. After my MBA degree, I spent 9 years holding different roles at Google both in individual and managerial capacity in Ireland and the UAE.

While striving to develop my skills I discovered the power of coaching and mindfulness which led me to become a certified Co-Active* Coach. I received additional training in Systems and Relationship Coaching as well as Mindfulness, Psychology, Parenting and Wellbeing. I run workshops to empower parents at home, couples in their relationship and women at the workplace. 

I am a certified Mental Health First Aider. 
I am passionate about making an impact on the human level that will have a ripple effect on their community.

*Co-Active Training Institute is globally recognized as the most rigorous professional coach training & certification program.

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5-Week or On-Demand Group Workshops

Empowered Parenting group workshops. 

Facilitate Intro to Mindful Parenting & #IamRemarkable on Demand


Follow me on Instagram or email me to know the latest schedule and register.

To host the #IamRemarkable workshop for a group of women at your organisation, please get in touch and I'll be happy to facilitate it.
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My next Workshop is the 5-week Empowered Parenting Workshop and it starts on Oct 26, running on Tuesdays at 8pm for 2 hours until Nov 23rd 
The joining fee is 395 USD / 1,450 AED per family (1 or 2 parents). The meeting is online via Google Meet and I am available to support you throughout the month via Whatsapp.

Fast Track Family Consultation

Supporting you in making changes at home through consulting and delivering a customized plan for the family


Many families have reached out to me to ask for consultancy and mentorship. So I decided to create this custom service, which became necessary for many post Covid. Parents wanted to make changes at home, and they are typically busy parents and need an external guide to help them create a more peaceful flow. 

After a discovery session, we decide together which areas to focus on and I work on a customized plan, support in implementing it and check in on progress. Some of my previous projects included: Toys/Play room/Home set up, Family Schedule, Guiding the Nanny, Wellbeing practice.


Mindful & Peaceful Parenting

Relationship Dynamics


I work with both individuals and couples to articulate and achieve their goals. I will support clients who may be stuck, may be going through a difficulty, want to lead a more fulfilling life, or spend more time and energy on what matters to them. 


I guide: 

- Parents to explore their triggers and move from auto-reacting to responding with choice

- Partners to consciously invest in their relationships learn how to grow stronger bonds

- Women to dare to grow, lead, challenge perceptions and break modesty norms. Together, we agree upon actions that bring you closer to your desired goals.



Deep thank you to my lovely clients that provided such beautiful words. 
I hope them sharing their experience gives you more clarity about what to expect.

Home: Testimonials

Sometimes we are not able to listen to our thoughts, because of all the inner and outer chaos.
Meeting Pascale brought that pause in my life, when I was walking on the edge of emotions. She acted as a ‘sift’ and made me see clearer. She has an intuitive way to listen - by deciphering every word spoken and unspoken - silences, smiles and side glances and sentences left mid-way, as well. By just making me hear my own inner voice - doubts, fears, and dreams more clearly, my headspace cleared up.
Thanks for making me hear my thoughts, see myself in a better light, and embracing myself in a compassionate way!

Joy (Anonymous Client)

I initially approached Pascale because I was feeling overwhelmed and lost as a new mother and not in control of my life. My sessions with Pascale helped me set clear goals for my future as well as identify any obstacles or mental blocks I might have along the way. Pascale was an excellent listener and guide. I felt supported and understood throughout the process. She’s a competent and genuine coach who will help you get to your destination. I would highly recommend her as a coach.

Ana (Anonymous Client)

Coaching with Pascale was just what I was looking for... within a short time I had found clarity of purpose and had begun developing tools to connect with my leader within. Pascale helped me to reflect on my goals and plan ways to achieve them. She has a warm and empathetic approach and an ability to get best out of people.
Thank you so much Pascale xx

Light (Anonymous Client)

I have loved every single coaching session with Pascale. it felt like talking to your best friend who knows you for a long time.
She made me realize that it is ok to be me which has completely changed the way I feel about myself and helped me stop blaming myself for the way I am being treated by others.
So grateful to get to know Pascale and have her as my coach.

Ray (Anonymous Client)

I was a client of Pascale when I was undergoing severe anxiety. As a life coach, Pascale was very helpful and very engaged with me. She helped me tremendously and was very personable. She truly cares for her clients as a coach. My life has truly changed and I am a much positive person - in fact my life has changed for the better when I met her and learnt from her! She is truly a gem of a coach and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking.

Liv (Anonymous Client)

Attended the most amazing mindful parenting workshop with Pascale last night. It felt like a yoga session for my brain. It felt stretched and calm.
It also felt like a really safe space to share which is so important when talking about our children and how triggering it can be to be a parent sometimes.

If anyone wants some really thought provoking parenting tips I'd highly this workshop.



I hold a BA in Graphics & Multimedia & an International MBA followed by 9 years of experience at Google Ireland and Dubai, leading the Emerging Markets Video Ad Solutions Consultants team.
So what qualifies me to be a coach? Besides my personal experience, my own healing journey, mindfulness practice and the amazing books I studied and classes I attended, here are some of the certificates I hold.

Home: Certifications

Grab my free parenting cheatsheet!

"This, Not That" is a practical guide for you to keep handy.​

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Based in Dubai. Serving Clients Worldwide. / Tel. +971 552324848

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