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Are You Ready to Be the Parent You’ve Always Dreamed Of?

Imagine, in just 12 weeks from now, waking up ready to enjoy each moment you have with your family, feeling like you’re the parent you’ve always wanted to be and finally having every member of the family on the same page.

“Can I really be the mother my children need?”

That’s what I thought to myself back when I began my journey as a parent in March 2020, when I found myself needing to care for not one, but two toddlers 24/7.

After all, I’d only ever had to spend time with one, while the other was in nursery. And I always had help from my mother, my mother-in-law or cleaners.

But this time, I was alone.

And my mind was constantly riddled with questions.

But above all, I was terrified of failing them as their mother.

It felt like I was holding up an entire building and it was all crumbling down fast.

That being said, I wasn’t about to give in to the overwhelm.

I focused on learning about my children’s world, their needs, and spent hours every night meeting with Montessori teachers, studying under mindfulness experts and focusing on self care and healing.

I began to create my own parenting strategies and frameworks through trial and error.


Eventually, I started seeing a deeper connection with my children, less fights, less stress and I was actually enjoying (almost) every minute I spent with my family, instead of being drained by every second.

In a word, my family and I were thriving.


You see, I realized that a more peaceful parenthood starts with you.

Your child’s feelings and behaviour, whether you’re aware of it or not, are influenced by your own.

If you’re anxious and full of internal chaos, then wouldn't your child feel the same?

Wouldn’t they carry those heavy feelings with them through their childhood and into their adulthood (as you yourself may have)?

You can’t control their behaviour. You can only control how you respond.

It starts with understanding how to be resilient ourselves, so we can truly support our children's needs.

When we have the right tools and strategies to handle our emotions, to communicate and listen to our children, they begin to listen to us as well. They're able to learn from example, and be confident and at ease.

When we approach parenting with intention, we can break the cycle. When we make our children feel heard and safe, the fighting stops. The guilt and shame ends, because we now know WHY we feel that way, and we can keep ourselves in check.

THAT is where the connection and warmth truly begins.

I know, because these are the same tools and strategies I teach to hundreds of parents just like you!


And I discovered something else — THIS is my mission.

I realized I wanted to help other parents raise resilient children who know how loved they are.


Because I want the next generation to feel empowered enough to be the individuals they were always meant to be.

And after years of being a multi-certified coach & delivering workshops to hundreds of parents across the globe, I saw a need for real, lasting shifts, instead of quick fixes.

Parenting, after all, is a journey. While books and classes can teach you what works, they can never show you how to make it work for YOUR family.

1:1 coaching, on the other hand, can fill that gap. That’s why I created this program.

Homework Help

“Coaching with Pascale was just what I was looking for... within a short time I had found clarity of purpose and had begun developing tools to connect with my leader within. Pascale helped me to reflect on my goals and plan ways to achieve them.

She has a warm and empathetic approach and an ability to get the best out of people.


Thank you so much Pascale xx”

Coaching Client
(Name kept anonymous for privacy reasons)


The 12-Week
Empowered Parenting
Coaching Program

The parenting guidance you were never given, that will empower you with the tools, knowledge and guidance to be the warm, intentional and mindful parent you’ve always wanted to be, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

Happy Family

“When I first began the 12-week empowered parenting program with Pascale I was at a point where the relationship I had with my children was feeling quite stagnant. I knew this couldn’t be it, but if I’m honest I didn’t know how things could possibly improve. I didn’t know how the Program, or a coach, would help me. But now, 12 weeks later, I have to say that this program with Pascale has been truly transformational.”

Coaching Client
(Name kept anonymous for privacy reasons)

Imagine implementing what you’ll learn in our 12 weeks together, and you’re…

Catching yourself when you’re about to lose it, and you’re able to move through the situation with calmness and grace.

Having meaningful, supportive conversations with each member of your family, finally feeling like you’re on the same page.


Raising your child(ren) the way YOU want to, allowing them to grow into a confident, capable adult who’s happy to have parents like you.

“12 Weeks? I don’t think I have the time!”

I totally understand. After all, I run my own business while raising two children. It’s a lot of work! That’s why I’ve designed this program to help you experience the entirety of the transformation in just 2-3 hours a week.


Let’s break it down, shall we?

You only need to block off time for 3 things:
The Details
It’ll only take you 2-3 hours each week (that you can fit in according to your schedule), and you will discover...
Chess Playing

“Pascale has been an amazing coach. She provided me with a safe non-judgmental space to understand what my behaviour and feelings were telling me. I have learned to be intentional and more reflective in my parenting but more importantly, each week I left with practical steps and a plan of action that I could work on straight away, and actually practice empowered peaceful parenting.

Coaching Client
(Name kept anonymous for privacy reasons)

I won’t be leaving you to figure it all out yourself either. Our live Zoom calls are for you to get the personalized guidance you need to properly implement.

Because you might have questions. You might feel overwhelmed. And most importantly, you’ll need a hand to hold as you go through this journey.

Think of me as the proverbial angel on your shoulder, providing you with timely advice and making sure you’re always on the right track.

Mother and Son

"I have loved every single coaching session with Pascale. It felt like talking to your best friend who has known you for a long time.

She made me realize that it is ok to be me which has completely changed the way I feel about myself and helped me stop blaming myself for the way I am being treated by others.


So grateful to get to know Pascale and have her as my coach.”

Coaching Client
(Name kept anonymous for privacy reasons)

You will gain everything you need to reconnect with yourself, your partner and your child(ren)

Join the next group program for just 500$ for the 12 weeks
Or do the program privately for $1400 


Lifetime access to the video trainings and 12 weeks of live coaching, for essentially the cost of a night out!

But before you invest a single penny in the program, I invite you to have a free 30-minute call with me, where we can see exactly what your family needs, and whether or not this program is the right solution for you.

This won’t be a call where I’m pushing the program onto you.

I want you to see for yourself what coaching can do for you first, and provide some value upfront.

So worst case scenario, you spent 30 minutes of your day gaining more insight into what you’re struggling with than any book or YouTube video can give you.

Best case scenario, we start working together, and in 12 weeks time you’ll finally be the parent that you know your child(ren) deserves.

Mother's Day Card

"I initially approached Pascale because I was feeling overwhelmed and lost as a new mother and not in control of my life. My sessions with Pascale helped me set clear goals for my future as well as identify any obstacles or mental blocks I might have along the way. Pascale was an excellent listener and guide. I felt supported and understood throughout the process. She’s a competent and genuine coach who will help you get to your destination. I would highly recommend her as a coach.”

Coaching Client
(Name kept anonymous for privacy reasons)

Every single one of them started out where you are now: wondering if this is actually going to work, not sure if this was going to be worth it.

And every single one of them experienced the same transformation!

Before Coaching

➡️ Constantly finding themselves yelling at their children and feeling awful about it after.

➡️ Struggling to juggle work and being present with the family


➡️ Worried their children will grow up resenting them, or going down a dangerous path.


➡️ Feeling burdened with having to be everything for their children and not being enough.

After Coaching

➡️ Being able to catch themselves when their kids push their limits, and resolve conflict peacefully.

➡️ Resting easy at night knowing both their family and work have the attention they need, without burning out.


➡️ Confident that their children will grow up to be their best selves.


➡️ Becoming the soothing, empowered parent they wish they had.

And I’m confident that you too will have your moment, where you’re just as shocked at how massively things have changed. 

If you’re open-minded and stick to the process, this can be your reality in just 12 weeks (or earlier)!

Mother and Son

"“I was always driven by guilt. “I should have done better/more” “I’m not doing enough.” I can’t remember the last time I felt bad like that. Now I’m not working from a place of shame and guilt anymore. This has been the biggest shift. Thank you Pascale! These past few weeks have renewed me as a person, a woman, a wife and a mum.”

Coaching Client
(Name kept anonymous for privacy reasons)

That said, this program isn’t for everyone.

Who Is It For?

This is for you if...

✔️ You’re a parent or a soon-to-be-parent (single or coupled) who feels lost and overwhelmed.

✔️ You’re open-minded and willing to learn & implement new tools and practices for the sake of reconnecting with your child(ren) and family.

✔️ You believe in being mindful, intentional and aligned in your parenting, and are willing to put in the work to make it happen.

This is not for you if...

❌ You want me to coach or "fix" your child(ren). We cannot control their behaviour, only our response to it.

❌ You’re not willing to accept change in the way that you parent, or have been taught to parent.


❌ You want an immediate solution or magic pill to “fix” everything overnight without putting in the time to learn.

Now, you might be tempted to put this off for later.

After all, there’s no countdown timer.

This program will always be here, exactly where you left it.

Nothing will change. that what you truly want?

You’ll continue to come home to a whirlwind of yelling, crying and stress.


Your child(ren) will continue to grow in an environment that feels misaligned with your values, that feels disconnected.

You may even have to deal with the steep cost of therapy later down the line when the issues begin to grow beyond you.

And each day that passes could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

So if you want to end the yelling and conflict, if you want to create a happy
childhood for your little ones, if you want to be intentional during this special time in their life...

If you’re ready to start showing up as the parent you’ve always wanted for your child(ren), here’s what to do next:

1️⃣ Click the link below and you’ll be directed to a Calendly booking page.

2️⃣ Once you're on that page, choose a date and time that works for you, then answer some of the questions attached to the Calendly booking so I can be fully prepared for our call.

3️⃣ On the video call, we’ll have a relaxed chat about what you’re looking to achieve, what isn’t working, provide you with some insight into your situation and of course, whether or not you’re a fit for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I’m not sure if my spouse is on the same page?

That’s totally fine! In fact, I invite you to bring your spouse onto our initial Zoom call. I can also coach both parents if necessary at no extra cost (in fact, most times I encourage it!), as harmony between all members of the family is a core part of what I coach you through.

How much time is required for this?

I understand. You have to get up to work. You have to prep your kids for school. Then when you come home, you need to take care of the family, with only so much time for yourself. That’s why this program is designed to provide you with all the benefits in just 2-3 hours a week.

What time are the coaching calls?

This is something that we decide together once you join the coaching program. I will tailor the schedule to suit your needs.

Do you offer payment plans/payment-by-instalment?

At this time, no. However, we can discuss this in more detail on your call. If budget is truly an issue, we can discuss a solution that makes sense for your current situation.

What happens after the 12 weeks are over?

By the time the 12 weeks are over, you should have all the tools and knowledge you need. So you won’t need me anymore! That being said, if it’s taking you longer to keep up with the program, we’ll figure out a solution to help you stay on track. And if you feel like your schedule is too hectic, we’ll figure out a way to tailor the program to your needs. I’m very flexible!

Are You
Ready to Start

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