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Whether it’s all the yelling, the chaotic schedule, or worrying if you’re parenting the right way, you know something needs to change.

But imagine this: you & the whole family around the couch, with everything under control. In just 1 day.

You’ve tried the podcasts, you’ve hit the books, you’ve taken every class imaginable, but what you want is answers.

If you understand the importance of being more mindful when it comes to parenting your children, you're in the right place.


As a parent yourself, you want what’s best for them, and to avoid leading them down the wrong path, but…

There’s just too much information out there. And you have no idea if what you’re doing is right.

You’re barely keeping it together, and right now, what you want more than anything is the answers laid out for you by a certified expert, so you can finally get some peace of mind, and most importantly, feel like you’re on the right track.

We both know that you can be the parent your children deserve. As a fellow mother of two, I’ve been there, done that, and know how overwhelming it can be.
But it doesn’t have to be a nightmare.


My clients have seen massive clarity, by discovering things like…

Proven tactics to manage reactions when your kids push you, so you don’t damage their confidence.

Ways to effectively discipline your kids without harm, so they don’t grow up fearing or hating you.

My simple methods to cope with tantrums or challenging behaviour.

My secrets to creating a balanced schedule, so you’re giving equal amounts of energy to your kids, your home and yourself.

How to instill in your children the values that feel right to you, allow them to spread their wings, and no longer worry if you made the right decision.

Coaching for parents

Imagine going from sleepless nights feeling guilty over what you said, what you could’ve done or what you didn’t do, to…

Having personalised guidance and a clear parenting manual to calm your chaos, right now.

Having peace of mind, because you know how to provide the best for your child, and be at your best in your work.

Feeling confident and assured in knowing what is right for you and your family.

Creating stronger relationships and ties between each member of the family & finally having everyone on the same page.

Being the warm, soothing, patient parent you wished you had!

Without all the pain + headaches that come with trial and error on your own!




The 1:1 intensive you need to get step-by-step solutions to your biggest parenting challenge right now, so you can finally have the space to breathe.


“I was feeling overwhelmed and lost as a new mother and not in control of my life.”

I initially approached Pascale because I was feeling overwhelmed and lost as a new mother and not in control of my life. My sessions with Pascale helped me set clear goals for my future as well as identify any obstacles or mental blocks I might have along the way. Pascale was an excellent listener and guide. I felt supported and understood throughout the process. She’s a competent and genuine coach who will help you get to your destination. I would highly recommend her as a coach.


What Happens When We Work Together?

Image by Nathan Dumlao


If we decide we’re a good fit after our free consultation call, I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can better understand what we’re dealing with.

Image by STIL


Then I’ll take what we’ve uncovered, and spend the next half a day creating a personalized manual and share it (in PDF for easy access) so that you can implement it immediately.



We’ll begin the process with a 2-3 hour intensive session, where we’ll uncover what you’d like to address and how we can calm the chaos.



We’ll get on a 30-minute follow-up call after 3 weeks to make sure you’re on the right track.


So you can ask any questions as you go. I’ll always be right here for you if you need any quick guidance.

Hey, I’m Pascale!

I combine mindfulness, positive parenting and Montessori approaches to help confused, conflicted parents be more intentional, come from a place of compassion and choice, and ultimately become the parents they wish they had.

After my MBA degree, I spent 9 years holding different roles at Google, during which I had my two little kids. Along the way, I discovered the power of coaching, and got myself certified by ICF and Co-Active, the world’s most rigorous coaching school, delivered training for 200+ parents and held workshops to empower women in corporate and tech.

All of that is to say, I’m bringing all my training, expertise and experiences as a working mother to help you bring harmony to your home.

I want you to be able to raise your children to become who they’re truly meant to be, and to create peaceful balance not just at home, but in your professional work, in a way that’s aligned with you.

Certified By

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I believe that every home is unique.

While others try to give you a one-size-fits-all approach, I believe the best way to get you results is by meeting you where you’re at.

No family is exactly the same. What might work for one family might not work for you.

I believe in truly understanding what triggers you, what your values are not just as a parent, but as a family, your priorities, your pains, your goals and creating a plan and strategy that truly aligns with your lifestyle and how you want to be there for your children.

That is how we sustainably manage our frustrations, our triggers and our energy. It’s how we avoid the continuous cycle of snapping and confusion that leads to you constantly wondering if you failed as a parent, and if your kids will grow into teenagers who don’t feel heard and resent you.

“It felt like a yoga session for my brain. It felt stretched and calm.”

It felt like a yoga session for my brain. It felt stretched and calm. It also felt like a really safe space to share which is so important when talking about our children and how triggering it can be to be a parent sometimes.


So, are we a match?

This is not for you if...

You have multiple big problems you need to tackle. If you have several challenges you want to unpack, I recommend 1:1 coaching.

You want me to coach your child(ren), or if you want to just leave them with me. We‘re not here to change their behavior, only your response to that behavior.

You’re not open to making changes to your parenting, or to taking action.

This is for you if...

You’re too busy & overwhelmed for long-term coaching, and really need help with one specific area, so you can calm the chaos.

You feel like you’re going to break if you don’t get the support & guidance you need right now.

You believe in a personalized approach that’s mindful, compassionate, and aligned with you.

What They Have to Say


Imagine a few days from now, when:

Your child does something that would normally upset you, but you recognize your triggers, and you’re able to make the best of the situation.

You go to bed, feeling at ease because you’ve balanced all aspects of your own life, your home, your family and your work, without the overwhelm.

The whole family is sitting around the table, and you’re smiling because everyone, your partner especially, is on the same page.

There’s more calm in the house, less fighting, less frustration and less guilt.

Are you ready to make parenting so much easier?

Still have questions?
Ask away!

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